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  • TCxT1350X01超小型传输式光学传感器是通过AEC-Q101认证的、表面贴装传输式光学传感器。

Vishay Semiconductors Vishay TCxT1350X01超小型传输式光学传感器是通过AEC-Q101认证的、表面贴装传输式光学传感器。单通道的TCPT1350X01和双通道的TCUT1350X01设计用于恶劣的低温和高温环境,工作范围广,从-40℃到+125℃。器件有3.0mm宽的间隙,从而可用于广泛的材料类型,并且比窄间隙传感器有更宽松的机械公差,使它们尤其适合汽车和工业应用。单通道的TCPT1350X01在表面贴装式封装里有一个红外发射器和一个光电晶体管检测器,二者面对面分布;而双通道的TCUT1350X01中包含了一个红外发射器和两个晶体管检测器。这两种传感器均可检测运动和速度。TCUT1350X01因为有两个通道,因此可用于电子助力转向系统等应用中的方向检测。

With a 3.0mm gap width, the devices can be used with a wide variety of materials and_allow for looser mechanical tolerances than sensors with smaller gaps, making them ideal for automotive and_industrial applications.

The single-channel TCPT1350X01 includes an infrared emitter and_phototransistor detector located face-to-face in a surface-mount package, while the dual-channel TCUT1350X01 includes an infrared emitter and_two phototransistor detectors. Both sensors can detect motion and_speed. With dual channels, the Vishay Semiconductor TCUT1350X01 can also be used to detect the direction in applications such as electronic power steering (ESP) systems.

_AEC-Q101 qualified
_Allows for looser mechanical tolerances
_Phototransistor output
_Moisture Sensitivity Level rating of 1 (MSL1)
_Unlimited floor life

_Compatible with reflow solder processes according to JEDEC-STD-020D
_Halogen-free, RoHS compliant, and_comply with Vishay's "green" standards


_-40ºC to +125ºC wide operating temperature range
_5.5 x 4 x 4mm compact dimensions
_1.6mA typical output current

_3.0mm gap width
_0.3mm apertures
_950nm emitter wavelength


_Automotive and_industrial applications
_Position sensors for encoders in high-temperature environments, such as close to motors

_Ignition locks and_adaptive headlights
_Electronic power steering (EPS) systems
_Sensors for motion, speed, and_direction