Black Box® is a trusted IT solutions provider delivering cutting-edge technology solutions and world-class consulting services to businesses around the globe. The breadth of our global reach and the depth of our expertise accelerate customer success by bringing people, ideas, and technology together to solve real-world business problems. Our IT infrastructure solutions, services, and products enable secure, flawless connectivity and meaningful collaboration for businesses in every major market sector on six continents.

Black Box®是一家值得信赖的IT解决方案提供商,为全球企业提供尖端技术解决方案和世界一流的咨询服务。我们全球范围的广度和专业知识的深度,通过将人员、想法和技术结合起来解决现实世界的业务问题,加快了客户的成功。我们的IT基础架构解决方案、服务和产品为六大洲每个主要市场部门的企业提供了安全、完美的连接和有意义的协作。