Since Alpha Company Ltd. was founded in 1972, we have produced cold-forged parts in a wide range of fields, including electronics components and automobile parts. In the process, we have constantly striven to develop new concepts for original technology and techniques which have earned our high reputation.

In 1989, we began to apply our technology to heat sinks. Since then, we have developed high performance heat sinks previously thought impossible to make and at the same time developed MicroForging, a new technology surpassing any other forging techniques.

We believe that our products and technology can make a great contribution to many industries in this new age. Our customers include Cisco, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, Intel, Nokia, Oracle, and Toshiba. We also serve many domestic and overseas Electronics and Electronical Makers.

We specialize in high performance heat sinks and precision cold forging of complex light material parts.