Leading the Industry in Outsourcing Semiconductor Assembly and Test

Digital cameras. Cell phones. Network servers. Laptops. Video games. MP3 players.

When Amkor Technology was founded in 1968, many of the products that we take for

granted today existed only in the minds eye of visionaries.

Amkor helped make these visions a reality by pioneering the outsourcing of

semiconductor assembly and test services. Today, Amkor is a strategic contract

manufacturing resource for many of the worlds leading semiconductor companies. We have

developed unique expertise in high-volume manufacturing techniques and have diversified

and expanded our operational scope by establishing production centers in strategic

locations throughout Asia.

Amkor provides leading-edge package solutions such as Stacked Packaging, Flip Chip,

MicroLeadFrame®, System-in-Package, MEMS, Wafer Level Packaging (WLP), CMOS Image

Sensor Camera Modules, and Game, Memory and I/O Cards (AmkKard®) for latest generation


Amkor supplements its world-class operational scope with the industrys

Largest package design staff

Broadest portfolio of packaging technology

Deepest sales and support organization

As integrated circuits increase in speed and complexity, the right semiconductor

packaging becomes critical to ensure optimal system performance. Amkor is an industry

leader in tailoring application-specific package design, assembly and test solutions.

Amkor offers the industrys broadest array of package formats and sizes, from

traditional, "off-the-shelf" leadframe configurations to leading-edge chip scale, flip

chip and system-in-package solutions incorporating highly customized designs. This

allows Amkor to be a single source for many of our customers total IC packaging


We also provide a complete range of test engineering services for RF, mixed signal,

logic and memory devices, from test program development to full product

characterization. Amkor is a major provider of RF test services and is the world leader

in Strip Test, an innovative, highly parallel test solution that offers customers low

cost, faster index time and improved test yields.

Collaboration: Speeding Time-to-Revenue

With Amkor providing turnkey solutions that include semiconductor design, packaging,

test and drop-shipment services, our customers can get accelerate time-to-revenue for

their new products.

Amkor collaborates with customers and leading OEMs to develop comprehensive package

solutions that make it easier for next-generation semiconductors to be designed into

next-generation end products. By sharing device, package and product roadmaps we enable

our customers - and their customers - to accelerate the development and deployment of

new microelectronic applications.

Focusing on our core competencies allows our customers to optimize their assets and

reduce time-to-sales.

The Industrys Broadest Reach

Amkor has more than five million square feet of manufacturing space in factories

strategically located in key microelectronic manufacturing centers throughout Asia. Our

customers benefit from the industrys most extensive operational footprint, which

enables us to easily handle large orders and quick turnaround times. All manufacturing

sites worldwide are working towards, or have received certification to QS-9000, ISO-

9001, ISO-9002, ISO-14001, ISO-14000, IECQ, and DSCC / QML.

Amkor factories are strategically located in the heart of Asias microelectronic

manufacturing centers