Our Vision

To accelerate SiC adoption using our innovative device technology, enabling our customers to deliver industry transforming levels of power efficiency to society’s most advanced applications, particularly in mobility, IT infrastructure and renewable energy.

SiC Going Mainstream

Humans are experiencing a revolution in how we generate, convert, distribute, and use electrical power. As the world moves away from fossil fuels towards a more renewable, energy-efficient, and electrified energy ecosystem, efficiency in power conversion processes becomes critically important.

Luckily, investments in wide bandgap research over the last several decades have now culminated in a mature supply chain for SiC power devices that fundamentally transform the efficiency and power density capable in mainstream power converters.

Committed to Technology Leadership

Our technology provides our customers with the easiest path to upgrade their legacy power designs or obtain the highest power densities in their new designs with minimal effort. Our technology enables straightforward Si Superjunction replacement for PFC, LLC, or PSFB topologies as well as direct compatibility with any SiC MOSFET competitor’s gate drive requirements.

In addition, we have the highest performance body diode in a SiC device, lowest Qrr over temperature, nearly 5V threshold voltage for EMI immunity, and superior short circuit ratings. All this comes with the industry’s widest SiC discrete transistor portfolio.

Capitalizing on Megatrends in Growth Markets

UnitedSiC FETs are enjoying widespread acceptance in fast-growing markets around the globe, particularly in high voltage DC-DC power conversion topologies such as LLC, and Phase Shifted Full Bridge, as well as AC-DC applications such as 6-switch SiC solutions replacing Vienna Rectifier and Totem Pole PFC. In the fast-growing market of EV motor drives, UnitedSiC’s industry highest performance, lowest R(DS)-on FETs, with ratings at both 650 V and 1200 V, are quickly becoming the product of choice for EV power designers.

SiC FETs are a major contributor to performance and reliability improvements, with overall system cost reduction in next-generation data centers. In addition, we provide important charging time and length of charge benefits for industrial vehicles. Finally, our superior efficiency ratings make the UnitedSiC products the perfect solution for solar array technology. Given this type of designer acceptance, it’s clear that silicon carbide devices are becoming one of the key enablers in these fast growing markets.