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型号索引:74LCX543 00A3R 44101 L6598D W7815C C3216X5R0J106M 6N139SDM OOL 75639S JH-420B
标签:分贝仪 LED室内照明 变频器 测试针 电源开关 叠层电感 防静电元件盒 高反压三极管 光热固化机 硅桥
1、ECE [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:在这个发展迅速的电子业领域内,客户需要的是一个有策略规划的伙伴,而不单只是一个电子零件供 应制造商而已。  我们相信客户所需要的伙伴是能提供多样广泛的产品,卓越的技术,稳定的品牌,精确的交期,以 维持其竞争力。  在百容,我们致力于和客户建立密切…
2、Echelon [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:目前,该公司的方案--LONGWORKS系统已经被数千家器件制造商和系统制造商所采用。该方案的特点 是,配合使用该公司的LON Internet服务器软件,可以对采用LONGWORKS器件的设备通过Internet进 行远程监控、控制和管理。Echelon公司总部设在美国加州,在英国、中国、日…
3、Ecliptek [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Welcome to Eclipteks Crystal Ball! Check this page often as it will be updated regularly with current information regarding our state of the art products and general company information. It is our hope that this page keeps you well informed of …
4、E-CMOS [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:创立于1987年11月 公司位置: 新竹科学工业园区研新二路一号 厂房面积: 9,646平方公尺 员工人数: 72人 , 研发人数: 30人 资本额: NT$420 Million 软硬件设备: VLSI设计系統及软件,VLSI测试机 以CMOS IC及模块设计为主 并获多项关键技术专利 全球最主要…
5、ECS [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:ECS, Inc. International Electronic Component Solutions Designing and Marketing of Quartz Crystal Products, Ceramic Resonators and SAW Devices Click here to download ECS Profile Please contact brads@ecsxtal.com for a copy of our ISO cer…
6、edi [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Electronic Devices Inc. offers an extensive selection of bridges, low and high voltage rectifiers, and high voltage assemblies that are available in a wide range of voltage and current ratings, recovery times, case configurations, and terminati…
7、eg-mtc [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Business Concept EG Magnetic Technology Components (EGMTC) develop, manufacture and sell customized inductive components for mainly Nordic customers and their subcontractors. By offering our customers high service level and showing commitment …
8、EIC [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:EIC is a major international manufacturer and supplier of discrete semiconductors. With over 10,000 parts and more than 40 package types, EIC offers one of the most comprehensive diode portfolios in the industry. The company’s products can be …
9、E-LAB [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:E-LAB公司是美国一家设计、销售各类定制半导体集成电路以及提供印制板设计服务的公司。该公司 设计的EDExx系列产品是专为嵌入微控制器定制的IC产品,如其中的EDE702串行LCD显示控制IC,与标 准11脚LCD总线直接连接时只需一根外部I/O线,几乎可以适应任何尺寸的文本…
10、ELAN [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Elan Microelectronics Corporation (ELAN) was established in May 1994 in Hsinchu Science- Based Industrial Park - the Silicon Valley of Taiwan with initial capital of NT$1 billion and accumulated capital of NT$3.617 billion. The company was liste…
11、Elantec [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Elantec公司1983年成立,公司位于美国加利佛尼亚州,设计、生产、销售高性能增强模拟IC,用于 视频/多媒体、数据处理、仪器、通讯等领域。目前Elantec公司主要瞄准四个快速增长的商业市场: 视频、集成DC-DC转换器、光存储和XDSL,可以为电子系统设计师提供标准产品…
12、Electrocube [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:For over 40 years, Electrocube have been providing quality products and services from our Southern California factory and sales office. We continue to update our products and processes to meet the present and future needs of our customers. …
13、ElecVision [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:ZefiroWorld is the only Italian Tour Operator able to book your accommodation in more than 300 Abbeys, Convents and Monasteries transformed in very fine hotels and properties. Located in the heart of the Art cities or in dominant positions in t…
14、Elixir [代理商及办事处]详细资料
15、ELM [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:ELM Technology as a supplier of semiconductors for over 10 years, has been involved in the rapid digitization of global society via mobile phones and the internet. The progression towards smaller and lighter machines and tools has driven the …
16、ELMOS [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Unser Erfolgsrezept basiert auf drei Säulen: eigene CMOS-Technologie, eigenes Chip- Design und eigene Fertigung. Alles ist gebündelt unter einem Dach mit hervorragendem Applikations-Know-how und kurzen Wegen. Daraus entstehen unsere Produkt…
17、Elna [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Elna America, Inc. was established in 1977 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Elna Co Ltd. Japan. Elna is a worldwide company with sales offices in Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Europe. We specialize in the sales and design of aluminum electroly…
18、EM MICROELECTRONIC [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:This section contains presentations organized by applications. Click on the link below to download them in order to get an idea of where EM products fit best. For the moment there is only one presentation available but more will be added soon.
19、ene [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:迅杰科技股份有限公司是專業的積體電路設計公司,成立於1998年,秉持著「迅速」&「傑出」的經 營哲學,致力於提供迅速的服務與傑出的產品,以滿ì客戶的需求。 迅杰專精於筆記型電腦、可攜性產品與其他資訊應用產品的IC研發、銷售與服務。由於我們擁有專業 的研…
20、Enhanced [代理商及办事处]详细资料