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型号索引:VO2 HMC849LP4CE KSZ9031RNXIA JRC387A JRC-1M T270 FWFTVC6N 511D HD6473032F16V LTUD
标签:贴片三极管 电力线通信 激光头 无线传感器 电机节电器 EL材料 IC(集成电路) LED贴片机 LED小夜灯 单向可控硅(晶闸管)
1、C&D [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Power Electronics Division A global power – C&D Technologies is a world-leading manufacturer of dc-dc converters, ac-dc power supplies, digital panel meters, magnetics, data acquisition devices and Contract Manufacturing Services. All yo…
2、Caddock [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Caddock Electronics is a manufacturer of high performance film resistor products. Our business focus at Caddock is to develop and manage unique material and process technologies with a commitment to the conservative produceability of high perfo…
3、Calogic [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Calogic offers standard products, special selected, assembled and custom type products. Primary technologies include unique, high speed Dielectrically Isolated designs with surface mount packaging to introduce wideband, high slew rate buffers; …
4、CAMB [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Cambridge Capacitors was formed in 1989 by the merging of PED Capacitors LTD. and RIC LTD. to become one company. This new company now has the benefits of their combined experience accumulated over more than 55 years. This makes Cambridge Cap…
5、Carling [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:在嘉灵科技,我们不仅仅是生产电子元件。我们还策划强劲的解决方案。在和贵公司产品小组的密切 合作下,我们能为您量身定做出符合您的应用要求的开关和电路保护解决方案,高效而且低费。
6、Catalyst [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Catalyst公司1985年成立,是一家专业生产混合信号和不挥发存储器产品的半导体公司。从 1985年 率先生产业界第一个CMOS EEPROM器件至今,Catalyst公司已经成功发展了多种存储器产品,这些产 品被广泛应用于计算机、通信和消费类电子产品。在工艺方面,Catalyst 公司…
7、C-Cube [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:C-Cube微系统公司是数字视频压缩、传输、解压缩半导体方案供应商。 C-Cube成立于1988年,一直致力于视频数字化的发展研究,公司连续三年来被公认为全球MPEG数 字半导体产品首位供应商。1995年,因为该公司在数字音视频领域的成就而获得娱乐工业最高奖---- 艾美…
8、CDE [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Cornell Dubilier is a privately held, American owned maker of capacitors for electronic and electrical equipment with three ISO-9001 registered facilities. If you didnt know that it was founded in 1909 by William Dubilier with his invention of …
9、CDI [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:CDI公司1974年成立,公司位于美国马萨诸塞州,是个私营小公司,目前有员工约100人。CDI公司经 营队伍的半导体经验来自Dickson Electronics、 Sperry Microwave、 Transitron、 Varian Associates 、 Siemens 等公司。
10、CDIL [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Continental Device India Limited (CDIL) is proud to have pioneered the manufacture of Silicon Semiconductor Devices in India, way back in 1964. CDIL has a well established state-of-the-art integrated manufacturing, Wafer Fab to Testing Faci…
11、CEL [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:California Eastern Laboratories incorporates. The Company represents a number of different Japanese manufacturers in the North American electronics market
12、celeritek [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Mimix Broadband, Inc., an ISO 9001-registered company, designs, develops and supplies high performance Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) semiconductors from DC to 50 GHz for microwave and millimeter-wave wireless communications applications - as bare die…
13、Celeritous [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Allen Litton, founder and CEO of Celeritous Technical Services, Corp is no stranger to the world of cutting edge technology. A Lubbock native, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas Tech University and a Masters Degr…
14、CENTILLIUM [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Centillium is a leading provider of broadband access solutions with innovative systems- level products for the consumer, enterprise and service provider markets. The company’ s high-performance and cost effective infrastructure and service enabl…
15、Central [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Central Semiconductor offers Design Engineer Sample Kits to qualified engineers at no cost. These predefined kits consist of a device selection guide, package details and several samples of each of the devices listed on the kit.
16、Ceramate [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:光碁科技成立於1995年,由一群熱愛且專業於電子零件生產行銷人才組成,光碁 科技生產保護元件起家擴展至半導產業,並致力於本品質,準時交貨,獲得國內外 知名廠商的肯定。光碁科技提供全方位 、全時服務的整機方案,產品應用遍及3C 產品,服務據點亦擴及台…
17、Cermetek [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Cermetek Microelectronics, Inc. manufactures a broad line of Internet appliance modems, modem components and telephone line interfaces for the data communications industry. The company principally sells to the industrial OEM, through a comprehe…
18、CET [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:本公司成立於民國七十三年九月,公司成立之初以生產PDIP積體電路為主,其後公司陸續增資,擴大 封裝產品,先後推出PLCC、SOP、SOJ、SKINNY、QFP、SSOP等系列封裝產品,並不斷引進自動化生產 設備,以擴大產能及提高產品品質。 於民國八十五年底成立高功率半導體…
19、ceva-dsp [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:Headquartered in San Jose, California, CEVA is a leading licensor of innovative intellectual property (IP) platform solutions and DSP cores for wireless, consumer and multimedia applications. For more than fifteen years, CEVA has been licensing…
20、Champion [代理商及办事处]详细资料
简介:虹冠電子工業股份有限公司成立於民國八十七年十二月,為一專業於電源管理類比IC產品設計之製造 商,主要產品應用範圍包括資訊、通訊及消費性電子等各種電子系統產品。 虹冠電子是由一群來自台灣及北美半導體產業之專業人員所成立,公司總部設立於台灣新竹科學工 …